Hospice Launch Party

August 18, 2009

Yesterday Q90 Corporation President Rex Hale hosted the Hospice Launch Company Party at his home. The event was a huge success. Below are just a couple of pictures of the festivities. A big thank you to all those who put the event together and to everyone who attended. We had a blast!

hospice launch party 2

hospice launch party

hospice launch 3

Photos by Janelle Southern


Hospice Management Suite Launched

August 10, 2009

Hospice Management Suite

In July Hospice Management Suite was launched. Q90 worked in conjunction with Hospice Management LLC to developing this premier software for hospices. We are pleased to introduce this intelligent patient management solution to the industry and look forward to helping hospices nationwide, allowing hospice workers to spend more time to spend with their patients as they save time and money with Hospice Management Suite. To learn more about Hospice Management Suite, visit http://www.hospicesoft.com.

Regional Sales Managers Chris Bagley and Dallas Aste Hired

July 1, 2009

Q90 hired two new Regional Sales Managers in June.  The new hires will focus primarily on Hospice Management Suite accounts.

Chris Bagley entered sales with ADVO, selling advertising and marketing products for local and national businesses for approximately five years. After leaving ADVO he sold pharmaceuticals for eight years. Chris was in the army for ten years. Chris graduated from the University of Utah in Geography.

Dallas Aste worked at CompHealth for eight years previous to coming to Q90. At CompHealth Dallas was a staffing consultant, working with doctors and health care facilities to provide staffing solutions. In addition to working at CompHealth, he also worked at Ingenix for several years and served an LDS mission. Dallas graduated from the University of Utah in Business Management.

Both Chris and Dallas bring their extensive experience with sales and the health industry to the table as they join the Q90 team.

“I believe there is a very significant benefit available to the hospice organizations when choosing Q90’s Hospice Management Suite,” Chris said. “I look forward to helping these organizations simplify their work lives, spend more time with their patients and relieve the pressures and hassles of paperwork in their workplace.”

We are fortunate to have Chris and Dallas joining our team.

Utah Work/Life Award Winners in Salt Lake Tribune

June 25, 2009

The Salt Lake Tribune published an article on June 24 about the winners of the 2009 Utah Work/Life Award, from the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

25 companies, both large and small, were honored on June 23. The awarded companies were praised for taking care of the needs of employees (physical, emotional and financial) as well as motivating them to work hard in return.

Q90 Corporation President Rex Hale was quoted in the article, saying: “We just like having a fun place to work. There are some extra expenses, but they’re worth it because we don’t have a lot of down time” due to absenteeism.

To read the complete article, please visit the following link, or visit the Salt Lake Tribune website and search for the article Honorees: A happy employee is a productive employee by Mike Gorrell.

Click here to read the article!

Honorees: A happy employee is a productive employee – Salt Lake Tribune

June 24, 2009

Honorees: A happy employee is a productive employee – Salt Lake Tribune

Customer Appreciation Night

June 11, 2009

upLast night Q90 celebrated the fine support of our clients and staff with a movie night hosted at Stadium Cinemas in Payson.  The event recognized Q90’s esteemed clients and vendors, all of whom are vital to the development and progress of Q90 Corporation.

After words of gratitude from Q90 President Rex Hale, those in attendance sat back and enjoyed the new Disney-Pixar movie Up!

In attendance were Q90 employees and customers and their families, and the turn-out was phenomenal. We would like to thank all of those who attended, as well as those who could not attend, who support Q90 and helped us become one of Utah’s best companies to work for.  The success of our company is the direct result of your fine association, and we are truly thankful to you.

New General Manager of Q90 Corporation

May 27, 2009

Congratulations, Mike!Q90 President Rex Hale appointed Michael Southern as General Manager of Q90 Corporation and announced the appointment today. This was done as an effort to minimize bottlenecks in the company, as well as to better focus on leading Q90.

Congratulations to Mike! We appreciate your dedication to Q90 and are excited that you’ve received this well-deserved promotion.

Please join us in congratulating and supporting Mike as the new General Manager of Q90 Corporation.